Sunday, December 21, 2008

5R8EM, Madagascar QSL for 2m EME qso.


Yesterday received the 5R8EM qsl card for my 2m EME qso with the French group operated from Madagascar, as 5R8EM, on Sainte Marie Island.
More info at :

Thank you for this NEW ONE on 2m

73, Spiros - SV8CS

Monday, December 1, 2008

ZD8B - Ascension Isl. NEW ONE 2m EME

ZD8B - Ascension Island Locator : II22TB
At Nov. 8th had QSO with ERNIE ZD8B from II22TB . Enrie is qrv with 4x 5el Antennas and 180 Watt on 144 MHz and be qrv until the weekend of Christmas. Ernie did work his first QSOs via Moon from that location at 8th of November 2008.

In the photo there are the 2m Antennas used by Enrie ZD8B.

Following Enrie's Log with qso's until today:

LOG until Nov, 10th 2030 UT:


Worked in the ARRL Contest, 2008-11-15:


More info at : and

TNX Enrie for the QSO - 73 de sv8cs

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BY7PP - China 2m EME QSL card

BY7PP China 2m EME qsl card
3 days ago received the qsl card from China, confirming my 2m EME qso wirh the Chinese ham radio group .

BD7IXG, Yang Weiwen is the qsl manager for this 2m EME activity.

BY7PP, China qsl card is my number 111 confirmed DXCC on 2M.

73, Spiros - SV8CS

Monday, November 10, 2008

A43DLH - New one 2m EME qso.

Frank, DL8YHR, is the operator of the EME project in OMAN.The callsign used for the 2m EME activity is A43DLH. Frank joined the HF group in OMAN.

Frank, DL8YHR using for the 2m, EME qso's one antenna 18XXX and a BECO amplifier.

Frank most of the time had a very strong signal with his single antenna. Signals where very strong. The pile-up of calling stations where extremely incredible. My qso with A43DLH in 2m is the number 117 DXCC. More info at MMMonVHF web site more info in the DL8YHR web page:

Thank you Frank for this NEW ONE for me.

73 Spiros - SV8CS

Sunday, October 19, 2008

NA1SS .. SSTV from ISS

Very nice signal today from ISS during his pass over my QTH at KM07JS - Zante Island - Western Greece.

73 de SV8CS

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Make More Miles on VHF

Make More Miles on VHF is the best site for the VHFer's - UHFer's and also HFer's. All news about DXpeditions , propagation , databases , QSL info , theory etc etc. This site is a grate tool for active VHF amateurs. Site:

The MMMonVHF VHF-DX-Portal will be maintened by DG2KBC DK3XT DK5EW DK5YA HA5CRX IV3NDC OZ1LPR PA2DW PA3BIY & PA4EME and myself (DL8EBW) and we try always to be as up to date as possible. We have around 1800 reg. pleople subscribed our weekly MMMonVHF- Newsletter. There are lot of usefull VHF-Tools at these VHF-DX-Portal and all your ideas and input is very welcome! The MMMonVHF VHF-DX-Portal will use the information without a need of any need of special software...
For an example of other expeditions, please feel free to have a look right now at MMMonVHF Best wishes and waiting your activity and other VHF-expedition-infos...
73 de Guido "Guy" DL8EBWon behalf of the MMMonVHF-TeamDG2KBC DK3XT DK5EW DK5YA HA5CRX IV3NDC OZ1LPR PA2DW PA3BIY & PA4EME.

Hope to see you on VHF band via EME, Es, M/S and tropo de SV8CS.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

70Mhz - Good News!!

News about 4m from MMMonVHF page:

BAKU of Azerbaijan
For information of those interested in 70 MHz. CEPT WGFM finally approvedthe 2008 version of the European Common Allocation table at its recent meeting in Baku. It was published on the ERO web-site 7 October and includes footnote EU9 against the bands 68 - 70.45 MHz and 70.45 - 74.8 MHz. EU9 reads "In a growing number of CEPT countries, parts of the band 70.0-70.5 MHz is also allocated to the Amateur service on a secondary basis." The Baku approved version of the ECA can be downloaded at: is the first international radio regulatory recognition of the 4m amateur band since Radio Regulation 182 in the ITU International Radio Regulations, Atlantic City 1947 which states: In France and the USSRthe band 72 - 72.8 Mc/s is allocated for the amateur service. Lets hopethat many more countries release all or parts of the 4 m band. Once 10 countries openly support the sense of EU9, it is theoretically possibleto ammend the ECA to actually include an allocation to amateur servicein the body of the European frequency table. 73 DaveSOURCE: Dave, EI3IO, via The UKSMG Website.

Monday, September 22, 2008

5R8EM (Madagascar) 2M EME New one # 113

5R8EM is my number 113 dxcc in 2m . Made the qso in JT65b mode with very strong signals.
5R8EM 2m antennas Please look at
5R8EM Location Sainte Marie Island, North-East of Madagascar
Freq 144.114 MHz , JT65B
Station, 4x8elts horizontal pol, 500w.
Thank you very much for this new one.
73 de SV8CS

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

11 BANDS DXCC (160m to 2m)

Today received my 12m DXCC and with this one I have complete all 11 bands starting from 160m to 2m (4m excluded). My 2m DXCC now has 108 entyties confirmed and my 6m DXCC has 149 CFM.
Hope to see you soon in the bands specialy via the Moon or during the major contests.
73 Spiros - SV8CS.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

6m and 2m qsl's received

The 6m qsl cards started to come after my 6m Es hunting this summer. I would like to thank Willem, PA0HIP, for the new one on 6m from his DU7 qth
Also many thanks going to Kenny (K2KW) for the 2nd new one on 6m. During my hunting to 6m Es, I had completed the 2m qso via EME (JT65B mode) and via Meteor scattering (FSK441 mode) with SU1KM and this is also a new one.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Thank you very much dear HANS for the NEW one on 2m
73 Spiros SV8CS

Friday, June 27, 2008

SU1KM new one 2m M/S qso

SU1KM from KL59MX VHF/6M Expedition to Kairo by SU1KM, EA7KW and DL8YHR.

Today completed a 2m qso via Meteor scatters (M/S) with SU1KM operated by FRANK DL8YHR.

This QSO with SU1KM is a new one for me on 2m and now I have 111 DXCC worked and 107 CFM. For more info about the DXpedition look at :

Thank you Frank

Saturday, June 21, 2008

NEW qsl cards for 2m EME

ET3AA and EA8/G4RGK qsl for 2m EME qso's.

ET3AA and EA8/G4RGK qsl cards.
Recently received 2 new qsl cards for my 2m EME activity.
Now I have 108 countries confirmed for the DXCC.
Thank you Bob (ET3AA) and David (G4RGK) for the 2 New one for me, on 2m.
73 , Spiros -SV8CS

Friday, June 6, 2008

SY8B (Zakynthos island EU-052)

SY8B, DXpedition to Zakynthos island (EU-052) from German radio amateurs, of Berlin D20 radio club.

SY8B (dxpedition to Zakynthos Island)
It was a very big surprise and pleasure to have the visit in my qth and shack from a German radio amateurs group. They planed to operate as SY8B from my island (Zakynthos – EU-052) . The operators are: DL8RO, Uli – DL7WS, Matthias – DL7BW, Bernd – DL7VDC, Dirk – DL7BMG, Marcus and my friend Antony SV1ENG.
The qsl card for SY8B must be send to DL0CON.
I wish you many DX and enjoy the stay on the Island.

Foto in the SV8CS's shack on Zakynthos island.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

JW5E (Svalbard Isl) - New One on 2m EME

Rene, PE1L and Bouke, PA0ZH are qrv from JW5E , Svalbard island, loc.(JQ78) on 2m EME with 2 antennas XP20 - Linear amplifier with 2XGI7B, low noise preamplifier and the Kenwood TS2000.

In the foto are the JW5E antennas.

They stay on Svalbard Island until 9th June 2008.

Many thanks Rene and Bouke for this contact via EME. It is another New One for me , number 110 dxcc on 2m.

73, Spiros SV8CS

Sunday, May 25, 2008

EPC PSK63 qso party WINNER 2006

In the year 2006 when for the 1st time the European Phase Shift Keying Club (EPC), lunched the contest style QSO PSK63 party I participated in this QSO party and finishing first world.
Some days ago received from EPC this very nice glass plaque.
Thank you very much and hope to see you in the coming PSK contests.
73 Spiros – SV8CS

Thursday, May 15, 2008

2m DXCC # 28 World Wide (103 countries)

SV8CS - 2M DXCC (15 MAY 2008).

Today received my 2m DXCC.
That is a big event for me, after many years of trying on VHF.
My 2m DXCC, is the 1st 2m DXCC in Greece and I like to dedicate it, to our SV VHF pioneer George SV1AB (sk).
George SV1AB he is not now with us but he was the 1st SV radio amateur using his old equipment to make the 1st EME contacts on 2m .
In this point I would like to thank all those radio amateurs who have helped me to get my 2m DXCC.
Thanks to SV1AB, George - SV1AE, Socrates - SV1CC, Kostas - SV1BG, Bill (all SK’s) for my 1st point to point 2m qso’s (1969).
Thanks to I0IJ/IG9 Tony - 9H1CD Henry - 9H1BT Paul for my 1st DX tropo qso’s (since1972).
Thanks to SM7AED (Arne) for my 1st Es qso (1978).
Thanks to ZE2JV,Ray for my 1st TEP qso (1978).
Thanks to YO2IS (Julio) for my 1st M/S qso (1979 with cw tape recorder.
Thanks to I2FAK for my 1st EME qso (JT65b) (2004).
Thanks to my friends SV3KH,SV8RV,SV8IE,SV8RX,SV2JL,SV2DCD who have helped me in my VHF dxpeditions in the Greek mountains for contesting and DXing since (1974).
Thanks to RA3AQ Dmitri and RU1AA Alex, for their technical support for my EME set-up.
A BIG thank to all radio amateurs who had activated all those rare one DXCC countries with their dxpeditions, putting on the air all those rare calls without to consider lost time, money, personal sweat and family obligations.
Thanks going also to BIG inventor Joe Taylor K1JT, whose the brilliant digital program (WSJT) gave me the chance to complete the last qso’s and obtain my 2m DXCC.
Thanks also to DJ6QT and the German group for allowing me to operate in the 1st SV EME dxpedition outside of Greece on Madeira as CT3/SV8CS during CQWW contest 2005 (CT9L).
Finally I thank also my friends IK2QEI and IK2SGC for helping me to operate 2m EME and 1st 6m EME dxpedition from Morocco as CN3A (2007).
During my long VHF trip, I have used all kind of modulation, like CW,SSB,HSCW,FSK441,JT65b.
At this time I need only the 12m dxcc to finish from 160m to 2m awards.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5D5A+CN3A+5F3COM logs now in the LoTW

5D5A - CN3A - 5F3COM operators are: IK2QEI- IK2SGC- SV8CS.
In the foto its me (SV8CS), with my son Tomas SV8KOS, on the Safi beach in Southern Morocco.
Now the 5D5A contest logs are uploaded to the LoTW (ARRL) .
Also our other contest logs as CN3A and 5F3COM, all from our contest activity from Morocco, are in the LoTW.
There are until now all together about 48.000 qso’s with 12.000 QSL records.
My 2m and 6M Earth Moon Earth qso’s are also there.
We hope to see you in the next contests from Morocco.
73, Spiros - SV8CS

Thursday, April 24, 2008

OZ -Denmark on 6m Es - WSPR mode

Today received for the 1st time signal coming here in KM07JS (Zante Island) on 6m with the new type of modulation invented by K1JT. Whisper (WSPR) "Weak Signal Propagation Reporter" with TX and RX with digital soundcard mode MEPT_JT is a program that permit to TX with extra low power and be decoded on screen.OZ1PIF and OZ1BNN was the 1st two sigals Rxed today with WSPR via Es. I am Txing with 5w on 50293 beaming with 7 elements beam to North.
I hope to see many new calls this coming Es season on 6m. Good DX de SV8CS

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

T61AA- Afganistan - 2m EME NEW ONE

T61AA - Afganistan (QTH:Lashkar Gah- Locator: MM21eo)

T61AA antenna foto from :
I had a very nice 2m QSO via EME with Ross on 144.125 (JT65b) and of course that is also a new one for me in 2 meters! Ross, T61AA, has no elevation and he is working only during his moonrise and moonset with his 9 elements F9FT antenna and P.A. with GS35b.
TNX Ross for new one, de SV8CS.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5F3COM & CN3A logs in LoTW (ARRL)

Morocco contest team IK2QEI - IK2SGC - SV8CS with the special and contest calls CN3A - 5D5A - 5F3COM, now we have uploaded our contest and dx pedition qso's to the LoTW.

CN3A has now in the LoTW 30.898 QSO records, with 8.595 QSL records, included all qso's made via EME in 6m and 2m with digital modes (JT65B-JT65A-FSK441).


For 5F3COM, (special call), there are at about 2.000 QSO's uploaded in the LoTW.

The 5D5A logs are NOT in the LoTW now, but we will upload the qso's with this call very soon. Thank you for the qso's and see you next contest from CN3A.

73, Spiros SV8CS

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Bob, ZL1RS, who is an aid worker with the International Red Cross is now in Ethiopia and has received the permition to use the club station call ET3AA.Bob running only 150w and 2x11 elements (YU7EF) antennas, verticaly polarised.

Look for more info at:

This is a copy of my screen regarding our 2m EME (JT65b)qso:
194800 1 -27 4.9 -455 1 # SV8CS ET3AA KJ98 OOO 0 9
195200 2 -27 -460 4 RRR
195400 2 -25 -462 4 73

Bob's secret is that he has installed the L.Amp and the P.S very close to antenna to avoid any losses of signals.Bob is very grateful to the ET3AA Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society for making this activity possible and of course we are all grateful to BOB for his big effort to put in the AIR via EME the ET3AA call.
Spiros, SV8CS

Sunday, April 6, 2008

DI2PM (Germany) - 70 Mhz qso via M/S

After many- many tries… today after 2,30 hours, me and Hans DI2PM we completed a qso on 4m (70.207 qsx 69.950) via reflections to meteor scatters.

My equipments : Transverter made by HA1YA with power output 25w and a 3 element antenna home made (DK7ZB). The transverter was connected to a Kenwood TS2000. This is my #6 qso on 4m (9A-CT-DL-OZ-S5-SV).
Hope to see you in the next Es opening on 4m.
73 de SV8CS - Spiros - Zante island (KM07JS)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

JD1BMP (paper qsl card) for 2m EME qso

JD1BMP - Ogasawara Island - 144 Mhz qso via EME
After the confirmation of my qso with JD1BMP via the LoTW (ARRL) today received also the paper qsl from ISAO - JM1WBB.

Thank you very much ISAO for the qsl and the new one on 2m EME (DXCC and Locator) from Ogasawara island.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

JD1BMP (Ogasawara) - 2M EME New One.

JD1BMP - Ogasawara

Way to the 1st. contact (From JD1BMP web page).

Makoto got to Ogasawara on Feb. 13rd. in first and he installed all of our antennas, Aki special for 160m, full size verticals for 80/40m, 4 x 11 elements Yagies for 2m by himself. I joined to him on Feb. 19th noon with PTT inspectors after 25 hours half seasickness. Inspection was done without any problem in the afternoon but we could not manage any QSO on 2m. We got some bi-directinal signals only with JH0MHE Shiro and JR3REX in a few hours. Bloody hell! We had a phasing problem by incorrect explanation by antenna maker. I came to term with inability to get any station at 1st. day. I went to bed before the European window because I was feel tired. So we lost best window in our expedition. Next morning we fixed the phasing problem and completed beam pattern testing.

JD1BMP antennas
Total was 114 QSOs. DGRD was no good but it was easy to copy many station on Feb. 24th. It was last day for EME operation and no window for NA on Feb. 25th. At 10 degrees we got great our echos but we managed a few contacts only. Last QSO was with DD0VF. We have managed total 119 2m EME QSO with 6 days operations in Ogasawara.
SV8CS - JD1BMP is 1st SV to JD (Ogasawara) 2m EME qso with digital mode.
Thank you Isao for this NEW ONE (for me) 2m EME QSO in JT65b with OGASAWARA and many thanks also for the confirmation of our qso via the LoTW (ARRL).
On line log at DL8EBW - MMonVHF web page :

Thursday, February 28, 2008

OY4TN, Faroe Island - 2m EME NEW ONE

Yesterday received the qsl card from Trygvi, OY4TN for our 2m EME QSO.
OY4TN (Faroe Island) is a new one for me also. We had QSO at 22 Feb 2008 in JT65b mode and seems to be the 1st between OY land and SV.
Trygvi had a 8 elements antenna and 300w by TE Systems linear amplifier.
Of course Trygvi had upload also his log to the LoTW (ARRL).

Thank you very much Trygvi for your patience to complete the qso and give to me another new one on 2m EME.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

3Y0E Bouvet island . New one

Yesterday received the 3Y0E qsl card from Emil LZ3HI.This is an extra qsl service from Emil.
Many thanks also to Petrus for his nice operation from this isolated and very cold island.
Excelent job also from the pilot stations and the every day updates in the web page of 3Y0E.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

IOTA 2007 - SO 12H SSB 1st World.

Once again I was active in the 2007 IOTA contest as SO 12H SSB category.

In the 2003 was 1st world in this category and in the 2007 once again 1st in this very nice contest.The name of my island is Zakynthos or Zante and is in the west part of Greece in the Ionian see at about 18 miles from the Greek mainland (Peloponese).

Thank you very much for the qso's and hope to see you again this summer in the coming IOTA contest as FIX island station.

73 de sv8cs , Spiros