Saturday, October 4, 2014

Japan - Greece in 136 KHz

SV8CS signal in Japan, JA7NI grabber in 136.171,50 KHz - QRSS90.
Last night I had a nice success on LF band.
My signal received by JA7NI, Kuni's grabber in LF at 136.171,50 KHz.
Thank you Kuni and Yas (JA8SCD) for the grabber link to JA7NI page.
Mny TNX also to Stefan, DK7FC who has help me a lot in the past and to my friend Manolis, SV3DVO.
Now I hope for a QSO with Kuni hi hi.

73, Spiros/SV8CS

Monday, September 22, 2014

SV8NAC,Anna has now 2m DXCC

SV8NAC, Anna Chimarios is the first woman radioamateur in the world to have the dxcc award in 144MHz via EME mixed mode. Also she is the second radioamateur in Greece after SV8CS, Spiros. Anna started at the age of 13 years and now she is 17 years old. Congratulations Anna.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


144 Mhz EME qso with 4K/UT6UA from Mountain Karabakh in Azerbaijan with Dmytro 4K/UT6UA.
Thank you Dmytro and all the team for the New One and the QSL card.
73, Spiros/SV8CS

Sunday, July 20, 2014

KH8/ZL1RS American Samoa 2m EME

Bob, ZL1RS and Lance, W7GJ they are on American Samoa Islands.
Bob is active as KH8/ZL1RS in 144 Mhz via EME and Lance is active as KH8/W7GJ in 50 Mhz band.
I had already QSO with KH8/ZL1RS in 2m EME and KH8 is another new one given from Bob, ZL1RS.
He has 2X9 elements antenna verticaly polarized.
More info about the DXpedition is here:
I was also calling during our sort common Moon window in 6m band but was not posible to copy him so far due to high noise level in my QTH during my Moon Rise.
Lance, had a copy of me but QSO in 6m NOT compelted.
Here is a part of  Lance's e-mail:
Friday, July 18, 2015 - Fifth moon pass.  I confess that I finally crashed :-(   I slept 14 hours and missed the EU moonset and NA moonsets :-(   However, during the EU moonrise, I worked OH6MIK, HA7TM, YU7EF and HA0DU, bringing the total 6m EME worked to 45 so far. 
  Stations copied but NOT worked were:  S51DI, YO9HP, LZ2WO, 9A8A,
TNX Bob and Lance to be  there.
73, Spiros/SV8CS

Sunday, June 29, 2014

SAQ. Received in 17,2KHz

Today Sunday 29 June 2014 at 12:30z I received very strong the transmittion from SAQ Alexanderson station.
Today is the Alexanserson day. The annual transmittion on "Alexanderson day" with the Alexanderson alternator on VLF 17,2 KHz was started first at 09.00z and then repeated at 12.00z.
This activity will repeat again at second day of July.
The signal was very strong in my SDR-IQ receiver.
Transmittions started with "VVV de SAQ" repeated many times.
Then, he send a message something like this one:
"This is Grimeton radio /SAQ in transmittion using the Alexandersen 200KW alternator on 17,2 KHZ.
Today we congratulate our Californian sister Bolinas radio /KET to centenary aniversary. etc etc.
Audio file from SAQ transmittion as received here in my QTH Zante Island (KM07JS).
73, Spiros/SV8CS

Friday, April 18, 2014

My transmittion on 136.171KHz in the TF3HZ grabber

Today 19-04-2014 at 03:00z my signal captured in the TF3HZ grabber.
I was in QRSS-60 on 136.171KHz.

The qrb between my QTH and TF3HZ is 4060 Km.
My transmittion was captured by DK7FC, DF6NM, YO/4X1RF, EW6BN grabbers as well and partialy by W1VD grabber.
73, Spiros/SV8CS

Monday, April 14, 2014

9Y4TBG new one 2m EME

Yesterday evening at 21:30z I had a very nice 2m EME qso with 9Y4TBG.
QRG 144.144 and JT65b mode.
There was DF7KF, DM1AC and DL9MS with 12 elements XP- DF7KF with preamplifier , TS2000X and PWR ampl.
The qso was very easy and best received signal from 9Y4TBG was -14.
Thank you for the NEW ONE on 2m .
73, Spiros/ SV8CS

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First SV to G 137KHz QSO

G3XDV - SV8CS LF band qso in QRSS-10 (24-03-2014 at 21:20z)
DXCC number 9.
Last night I had a very nice QSO in QRSS-10 on 137.710 with Mike, G3XDV.
This is the first ever QSO between Greece and United Kingdom.
This is G3XDV's grabber with my signal.
Thank you Mike for the nice qso and new DXCC in LF band.
I hope to have many more qsos we you and other LF enthusiasts.
Here is my signal captured by Mike, G3XDV in full day light (25/03/2014 at 09:36z).
Mode: Opera 32.
09:36 136 SV8CS de G3XDV Op32 2260 km -26 dB F:0% in Welwyn IO91VT with 0.5w + Marconi"T"
Also captured :
2014-03-25 09:36:45 SV8CS   2058km 137539.932Hz  15mHz -37.0dBOp  90% 20.7dB
By YO/4X1RF:
2014-03-25 09:36:45 SV8CS    865km 137539.936Hz   8mHz -34.2dBOp  59% 21.2dB
2014-03-25 09:36:46 SV8CS   1506km 137539.946Hz   9mHz -34.2dBOp 100% 21.9dB.
2014-03-25 09:36:47 SV8CS   1617km 137539.946Hz   8mHz -33.5dBOp  85% 21.7dB.
73, Spiros/SV8CS

Monday, February 10, 2014

136KHz RSGB Award

Today received my RSGB award for 136 KHz qsos.
TNX and hope to see more stations on LF band.
73, Spiros/SV8CS

Friday, November 8, 2013

NEW LF record. SV8CS to UA0SNV and W1VD OP32

My Opera 32 transmittion captured by W1VD on 136 KHz. QRB 7602 Km!
Here the same date OP-32 transmittion captured by UA0SNV- QRB 6081 Km.
My signal captured also by GW0EZY and DF6NM.

73, Spiros/SV8CS

Thursday, October 24, 2013

NEW LF personal record - SV8CS to JA7NI

Yesterday evening local time my LF (136.171 KHz) transmittion captured by JA7NI LF grabber.
That is  my first decoded from a Japanese station.
QRB : 9450 KM !!!!!

Thank you dear KUNI, JA7NI and I hope for a 2 way QSO as soon as posible.
73, Spiros/SV8CS

Saturday, September 21, 2013

SV8CS new 136KHz Grabber

SV8CS LF - 136 KHz Grabber  in KM07JR.

With the help of my friend Stefan, DK7FC now I have installed and running a new LF grabber. The receiver is a Japanese SDR receiver IDC-136-BLT 136KHz.
The antenna is a Mini Whip by PA0RDT made for my grabber by my friend SV3DVO, Manolis.
For the grabber I am using the fine program by DL4YHF (spectrum Lab).

The Grabber location is  KM07JR, at 560m a.s.l. powered by solar panels and bateries.
The antenna is at the top of a plastic water pipe 8,50m above ground and modified by adding a 50 cm external Whip.
The SV8CS LF Grabber has 3 windows:
1) 136.169 to 136.176 KHz European QRSS-60.
2) 137.775 to 137.781 Khz  Transatlantic QRSS-60.
3) Wide 135.00 to 139.00 KHz.

The system also decodes all WSPR-15 transmittions on LF.
In the near future I will add also decodings of OP-8 and OP-32 transmittions.
I am active every evening on QRSS-60 (136.171KHz) and/or Opera-8 & Opera-32.
Last night I capture VO1NA transmitting in Opera-32.
04:18    136 VO1NA de F5WK Op32  -28 dB in JN18HP
04:18    136 VO1NA de G3XDV Op32  -35 dB in Welwyn, IO91VT
04:18    136 VO1NA de W1TAG Op32  -38 dB in Holden, MA
04:18    136 VO1NA de G8HUH Op32  -33 dB in Somerset IO81mg
04:18    136 VO1NA de F6CNI Op32  -35 dB in JN19QB
04:18    136 VO1NA de SV8CS Op32  -39 dB in KM07JR
The distance between SV8CS and VO1NA is  ~5900 KM
73 and see you on LF bands soon.
SV8CS. Spiros


Friday, August 23, 2013

136KHz portable operation- RX only.

SV3DVO/p, Manolis was for family holydays on KM08xk, 16 Aug 2013, in Monastiraki beach with his 136KHz portable RXing set-up. Manolis had an FT-100 with Mini Whip antenna intalled close to his car and very close to the beach  at about 2,50m above ground. SV3DVO/p captured my 136KHz Opera-8 transmittions with his portable set-up at a distance of about 130 KM (KM07js - KM08xk).

SV3DVO's portable 136KHz set-up at KM08xk.
He had also a home made 70cm 2 elements beam for back-up connections with me.
FT-100 dial at 136 KHz.
SV3DVO at the operating position, in the meantime all the others was in the beach swimming.No power there, no inetrnet, no noise.
136 KHz portable RXing (KM07js - KM08xk) - QRB about 130Km.
Screen foto with the RXing results, on 136KHz portable operation.
Thank you Manolis for this FIRST ever portable LF operation and I wish next time to have the capability to TX also from your mobile!!! in 136KHz.
TNX and 73, Spiros/ SV8CS  (16/08/2013).

Sunday, August 11, 2013

First ever SV to SV 136KHz (LF) qso.

Saturday 10 Aug, 2013 at 15.00z me and Manolis SV3DVO we had the first ever LF qso on 136 KHz with QRB 95 KM - (KM07>KM08).
The qso made in cross mode at the same QRG because my set-up has not the capability to TX audio, but only CW (QRSS) and Opera.
Manolis, SV3DVO has a completely home made transverter from 10MHz to 136 KHz with about 25 W output on dummy load.
SV3DVO's 136 KHz transverter.
SV3DVO's antenna Marconi "T" type. Consist of 4 X 18m parallel wires with 9,00m vertical wire, attached to loading coil, variometer etc.
TNX Manolis for the help and nice SV, 1st QSO in  LF band (136KHz).
During the qso I was TXing in QRSS-3 with YUMA TX136 transmitter running 40w, captured by SV3DVO with spectran and RXing in JT-9 program by K1JT.
My antenna is also Marconi "T" type with 3X28m parallel wires and 40m vertical, installed between 2 HF towers.
Latter on we had nice copy between us also in other modes like normal CW, WSPR, Opera-8 and Opera-32, PSK31, JT9.
My QRSS-3 signal received on SV3DVO receiver.
TNX ,73


Monday, April 29, 2013

First ever SV signal captured in USA on 136.171KHz

My signal captured by W1TAG, DF6NM, G4WGT, RN3AGC, EW6BN

Last night 29/04/2013 my QRSS-60 transmittion on 136.171KHz captured by W1TAG at FN42CH.
Also I see very good signal in the G4WGT grabber.
And as every evening at DF6NM and YO/4X1RF grabbers:
QRB with W1TAG is 7491 Km !!!
QRB with G4WGT is 2512 Km.
QRB with DF6NM  is 1506 Km.
QRB with YO/4X1RF is 865 Km.
I see also my signal in the DK7FC grabber, under his transmittion (QRB 1617 KM).
Received reports from RN3AGC, Andrey in Moscow:
and EW6BN, Yuri:
 My signal is the weak one under the strong DFC signal produced by Stefan, DK7FC.
TNX to all captured my signal and specialy to W1TAG for transatlantic report.
73, Spiros/SV8CS