Saturday, October 11, 2008

70Mhz - Good News!!

News about 4m from MMMonVHF page:

BAKU of Azerbaijan
For information of those interested in 70 MHz. CEPT WGFM finally approvedthe 2008 version of the European Common Allocation table at its recent meeting in Baku. It was published on the ERO web-site 7 October and includes footnote EU9 against the bands 68 - 70.45 MHz and 70.45 - 74.8 MHz. EU9 reads "In a growing number of CEPT countries, parts of the band 70.0-70.5 MHz is also allocated to the Amateur service on a secondary basis." The Baku approved version of the ECA can be downloaded at: is the first international radio regulatory recognition of the 4m amateur band since Radio Regulation 182 in the ITU International Radio Regulations, Atlantic City 1947 which states: In France and the USSRthe band 72 - 72.8 Mc/s is allocated for the amateur service. Lets hopethat many more countries release all or parts of the 4 m band. Once 10 countries openly support the sense of EU9, it is theoretically possibleto ammend the ECA to actually include an allocation to amateur servicein the body of the European frequency table. 73 DaveSOURCE: Dave, EI3IO, via The UKSMG Website.

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