Friday, August 23, 2013

136KHz portable operation- RX only.

SV3DVO/p, Manolis was for family holydays on KM08xk, 16 Aug 2013, in Monastiraki beach with his 136KHz portable RXing set-up. Manolis had an FT-100 with Mini Whip antenna intalled close to his car and very close to the beach  at about 2,50m above ground. SV3DVO/p captured my 136KHz Opera-8 transmittions with his portable set-up at a distance of about 130 KM (KM07js - KM08xk).

SV3DVO's portable 136KHz set-up at KM08xk.
He had also a home made 70cm 2 elements beam for back-up connections with me.
FT-100 dial at 136 KHz.
SV3DVO at the operating position, in the meantime all the others was in the beach swimming.No power there, no inetrnet, no noise.
136 KHz portable RXing (KM07js - KM08xk) - QRB about 130Km.
Screen foto with the RXing results, on 136KHz portable operation.
Thank you Manolis for this FIRST ever portable LF operation and I wish next time to have the capability to TX also from your mobile!!! in 136KHz.
TNX and 73, Spiros/ SV8CS  (16/08/2013).

Sunday, August 11, 2013

First ever SV to SV 136KHz (LF) qso.

Saturday 10 Aug, 2013 at 15.00z me and Manolis SV3DVO we had the first ever LF qso on 136 KHz with QRB 95 KM - (KM07>KM08).
The qso made in cross mode at the same QRG because my set-up has not the capability to TX audio, but only CW (QRSS) and Opera.
Manolis, SV3DVO has a completely home made transverter from 10MHz to 136 KHz with about 25 W output on dummy load.
SV3DVO's 136 KHz transverter.
SV3DVO's antenna Marconi "T" type. Consist of 4 X 18m parallel wires with 9,00m vertical wire, attached to loading coil, variometer etc.
TNX Manolis for the help and nice SV, 1st QSO in  LF band (136KHz).
During the qso I was TXing in QRSS-3 with YUMA TX136 transmitter running 40w, captured by SV3DVO with spectran and RXing in JT-9 program by K1JT.
My antenna is also Marconi "T" type with 3X28m parallel wires and 40m vertical, installed between 2 HF towers.
Latter on we had nice copy between us also in other modes like normal CW, WSPR, Opera-8 and Opera-32, PSK31, JT9.
My QRSS-3 signal received on SV3DVO receiver.
TNX ,73