Monday, September 22, 2008

5R8EM (Madagascar) 2M EME New one # 113

5R8EM is my number 113 dxcc in 2m . Made the qso in JT65b mode with very strong signals.
5R8EM 2m antennas Please look at
5R8EM Location Sainte Marie Island, North-East of Madagascar
Freq 144.114 MHz , JT65B
Station, 4x8elts horizontal pol, 500w.
Thank you very much for this new one.
73 de SV8CS

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

11 BANDS DXCC (160m to 2m)

Today received my 12m DXCC and with this one I have complete all 11 bands starting from 160m to 2m (4m excluded). My 2m DXCC now has 108 entyties confirmed and my 6m DXCC has 149 CFM.
Hope to see you soon in the bands specialy via the Moon or during the major contests.
73 Spiros - SV8CS.