Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Tnx Martti OH2BH and Olli OH0XX for NEW ONE .

The ARRL DXCC Desk is pleased to announce the addition of St Barthelemy (FJ) to the DXCC List, making the island entity number 338 with an effective date of 14 December, 2007. Cards with contacts dated December 14, 2007 or after will be accepted for DXCC credit. New card submissions for St Barthelemy will not be accepted until January 1, 2008 in order to allow time for administrative adjustments.
On February 21, 2007 the French Ministry issued a decree making St Barthelemy an Overseas Collective, making its status equal to that of
Guadeloupe, Martinique and other French territories currently on the DXCC List. On November 8, 2007 the President of Association Des Radio Amateurs De St Barthelemy, Philippe Delcroix, FJ5DX, contacted the DXCC Desk, requesting that St Barthelemy be considered a new DXCC entity.
The "event date" that caused St. Barthelemy to be added to the DXCC list was December 14, 2007, the date the US State Department Fact sheet was updated by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. This update added St Barthelemy to the
List of Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty with its Administrative Center in Gustavia, qualifying it under DXCC rules in Section II -- 1 Political Entities (c):
c) The Entity contains a permanent population, is administered by a local government, and is located at least 800 km from its parent. To satisfy the "permanent population" and "administered by a local government" criteria of this sub-section, an Entity must be listed on either (a) the U.S. Department of State's list of "Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty" as having a local "Administrative Center," or (b) the United Nations list of "Non-Self-Governing Territories."
St Martin
French St Martin (FS), while also added to the List of Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty, will remain on the DXCC List, but it is now considered a Point 1 Political Entity under the same classification as that of St Barthelemy.

Monday, December 17, 2007


This photo has taken this morning to show how bad was the weather here on my Island (Zante island) during my trying to copy ROTUMA 3D2AG/p first on 20m and then on 7008.
I wish to all of you many DX and Happy new year 2008.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

CN3A - Contest QTH

Here is our contest site in Morocco. This QTH belongs to Stefano, IK2QEIMatteo, IK2SGC – and Spiros, SV8CS. The locator is IM52JJ, CQ zone 33 and ITU zone 37. We are also using the special calls CN3A, 5D5A and 5F3COM.
Special thanks going to AHMED,OMAR,SAAID (CN8WW) and all the guys of ARRAM for their big help to us. The rigs are a YAESU FT1000-MP, Mark V plus the Icom IC-756. Linear amplifiers by OM-power.
In this foto can’t see our 4 square antenna for 80m.
Hope to see you in the next contest from CN3A.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


AA7A,Ned and KC7V, Mike were during the CQWW CW contest in Guinea (like me in CN3A). They had operated, as usual, 2m EME. Fortunately they had stayed there continuing their EME activity until 30 November. That was very good for me. Coming back at home, from Morocco, at 28 November and the same night I was very lucky to make a contact with Ned on 2m EME. Of course this qso with 3X5A was a new one for me . Thank you very much Ned and Mike.
For more info look at :

Friday, November 30, 2007

CN3A 2m and 6m dxpedition from IM52JJ

CN3A dxpedition for this time is over.
IK2QEI was for 48 hours in front of his radios operating Single operator 2 radios CW for CQWW contest. He made about 5600 qso’s. I was operated the 2m and 6m EME rig. Using the 16 elements I0JXX antenna for 2m (5wl) and the 5 elements I0JXX antenna for 6m with the Yaesu FT-857 and in both qrg’s the power was 350w .

TE Systems linear for 6m and Tokyo labs (by SV8RV) for 2m.Made 30 qso’s on 2m and 4 qso’s 6m EME plus some qso’s on 6m via M/S and tropo.It was very very hard this time to work because at our qth (IM52JJ) we had all those days very bad weather (cold, a lot of rain, strong wind and NO electricity for long periods). Every 30 min I was going up to the roof to adjust the antennas for 2 and 6m to following the moon (azimouth and elevation). To go in Morocco and come back at home I used 2 times the ship 4 times airplane and 600 km of high way. So, hope to see you next time with better conditions and better installations for 2 and 6m. First ever qso on 6m EME (JT65A) from Morocco was made with USA , Lance W7GJ ,followed by K6MYC, first with PA , Gerard PE1BTX , first with JA with JN1JFC. Also qso with CT1FFU and CT1HZE 6m via M/S and via tropo with CN8LI. Big help I had from my friend SAAID, CN8WW whom I like to thank very much.

Monday, November 12, 2007

CN3A - CQWW CW contest plus 6m & 2m EME

Me and Stefano IK2QEI we are going to Morocco at our QTH for the CQWW cw contest. The locator is IM52JJ in a very nice and quiet place at the top of a hill and with very nice take off to USA and EU. We are at about 2 Km from the Atlantic ocean. I will be active on 2m and 6m from moonrise to moonset for 3 days, from 23 to 25 November. The 2m station consists of a 350W linear amplifier offered by Denis SV8RV, a 16 elements (I0JXX) antenna with (14.50 dbd) , same as I had used on Madeira (CT3/SV8CS), a LNA preamplifier and the Yaesu FT-857 . The 6m station consists of a 350w TE systems linear amplifier with preamplifier build-in, the FT-857 and the Icom IC756 as spare and 5 elements (i0JXX) antenna (9dbd). For both set-ups the coaxial cables from the antenna to preamps are not longer than 4 meters. Both antennas have full AZ and EL manually operation. The QRG on 2m is 144.144 CN3A 1st (JT65B) and 144.088 for the JA's. For 6m the QRG is 50.195 CN3A 1st (JT65A).
For 6m skeds (ONLY) please send me an e-mail to until 20 Nov 2007, (for 2m only random operations). We have NOT full 24h internet there but from time to time you can find new infos on ON4KST (2m+6m chat) and at the N0UK (JT65 EME page) mailled, by George SV8RX. Also I will send all updates to DL8EBW (MMMon VHF) page.
I hope to see many of you on my screen from IM52JJ as CN3A.
Accurate computer time will obtained using a Garmin 60CS GPS receiver and GPS Time software.
I will be at home 27 November and hope to contact from 28 to 30, 3XT1 because is a new one for me on 2m EME.
GL to all de SV8CS

Thursday, October 25, 2007

1A4A - NEW ONE 2M via M/S

George, (IZ4AKS) and Miky, (IZ4GWE), thank you very much for the new one DXCC in 2m via M/S. Also i like to give my thanks to all the boys there in SMOM and wish you " in boca lupo per il CQWW contest"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VR2KW - New One 2m EME, qso

Thank you dear WONG, VR2KW for the 2m qso via EME.Thank you also for your pacience.
Your best signal : 151800 3 -23 2.9 97 1 # SV8CS VR2KW OL72 OOO.
WONG, using 2x9 elements antennas and 200w and he is in a realy dificult QTH for EME contacts.

In those 2 photos you can see the high buildings around Wong's QTH and the elevation - azimuth windows.

Thank you again WONG and mny EME qso's .

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SV8CS - This is my shack

This is my shack on Zante island (EU-052) in western part of Greece.At my right hand is the YAESU FT-2000. My IC-756 it is not show in the photo because i left it in Morocco (CN3A & 5F3COM) for contesting.My shack is configured for SO2R with the EZ-Master. The Kenwood TS-2000 is used only for 2m and 6m EME contacts.
Antennas are:
Mosley PRO-67C (40-30-20-17-15-12-10m) at 30m high tower.HY-Gain Long John 5 elements monobanders for (20-15-10m) at 27m high tower.HY-GAIN 7 elements (DB-1217) for (10-15m), para sleeve driven element, at 12m high tower, together with 6 elements for 6m antenna by (I0JXX).Full size vertical for 160m (tower 30m with gama match), 2 elements delta loop, bidirectional for 80m and dipoles, INV-V for 40-80-160m.Also 5 beverages for low band RXing.

EME antennas.

FOR 2m and 6m EME and Es.
4X16 elements (10wl), for 2m, by I0JXX and 1X6 elements,for 6m, by I0JXX at 11meters tower, with full AZ and EL. For UHF EME 2X19 elements Tonna and 9 elements cross for 2m (SAT operations) and 35 elements for 23cm at 11m above ground.
Hope to see you in the dx pile-ups or contests or during my DXpeditions. 73, Spiros

Sunday, October 7, 2007

HB0/DK5EW (Liechtenstein) - 2M EME NEW ONE

DK5EW,Erwin and DF9UX, Stefan was at 6 and 7 October 2007 , Expedition to LIECHTENSTEIN at for a 2m digital (JT65b) EME (JN47TC).Equipment was 4x10 el. antennas + IC 7400 + qro (HA1YA) P.A. Erwin, DK5EW thank you very much for the new one on 2m. More info at DL8EBW page, MMMonVHF : .Please look also at :

Monday, September 24, 2007

3B7C : A contest like running.!! DXpedition.

A very nice dxpedition. Worked them on all bands where they were active. Unfortunatelly until now they have not operate on 80m RTTY.

My score is 13th position Leading band (world) - 1st position in Greek and 1st position in zone 20.

Thank you for this nice DXpedition.
3B7C home page :

Saturday, September 22, 2007

YK9SV - Dxpedition to SYRIA (01/11/07 - 13/11/07) - AWARD ISL. (AS-186)

A group of members of RAAG organises a DXPEDITION to SYRIA, to AWARD island (AS-186) with the call YK9SV. The operators are: SV1IW - SV1JG - SV1QN - SV1RC - SV1RP - SV1GE - SV1ACK - SV1GYG - SV8CS.
More info :

SV8CS: Honorary invitation in SURINAM (PZ5YV) - January 2008

Recently, Alexis YV5SSB, invited me to join a multinational team DXpedition in Paramaribo SURINAM with the call PZ5YV, coordinated by the 4M5DX group.The event will take place January 2008.Operators are:OH0XX + SV8CS + HK1X + YV5SSB + XE1KK + YV5TX + LU8ADX + YV5KAJ + IT9DAA (qsl mngr).
Thank you ALEX ( YV5SSB)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

D44TD - 2m EME -- NEW ONE (Cape Verde)

Many thanks to FRANK, DL8YHR and NORBERT, DL8LAQ for set up an EME 2m station on CAPE VERDE island (HK86NO). Frank and Norbert give to mny hams a new one on 2m EME with their 2 yagies. My new one 2m EME was made at 03-08-2007 in JT65b.Mny tnx .

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


ZS6WB (Hal) - ZS6OB (Pine) and ZS6BUN (Dick) was in Dxpedition to Botswana operating 2M EME as A25HL,(07-07-07), with 4X9 el antennas by M2 and 300w by TE systems. Thank you very much for the qso and new one on 2m via EME.

Monday, May 28, 2007


SV2ASP/A, Monk Apollo, gave to me 2 new ones . First qso on 6m - 21 May 2007 at 18:07 and second - 28 May 2007 at 17:35 on 2m both in SSB, via TROPO,(QRB 410 Km). Many thanks dear father Apollo for your pacience to try on those two bands.Thank you again.


In the foto is the 6M antenna at the ZL3NW's QTH.
Last week I put my single 7 elements beam for 6m, made by I0JXX, in the middle of the 4x16 for 2m eme tower. So, now I have full elevation and azimuth capabilities. With this single antenna contacted Rod ZL3NW as a new one on 6m, (this is my first single yagi to single yagi 6m EME qso), Hide JR6EXN , Mike K6MYC , Mike W1JJ. Tnx for this 6m EME qsos. The antenna has 11,25 dbd and home made preamplifier by Ben SV0XAT .

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

6M EME #4 QSO with IW4DHN

This is my 4th EME qso in 6m with IW5DHN after W7GJ,ON4IQ and PE1BTX. I am using 7el (1,57 WL - 11,25 dbd) antenna by I0JXX plus LNA preamplifier and QRO. This 4th qso was made with my NEW Yaesu FT2000.Now i have full AZ and EL on 6m.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

T77NM 2M NEW ONE via M/S

T77NM (Republic of San Marino) is a new one for me on 2M. Special thanks going to IW4ARD, Gianni for his big effort and big pacience to complete the qso with me via meteor scatering.
Also mny TNX to all the other guys of the T77NM dxped.Temporary logs at

Saturday, April 21, 2007

ZB2/DF2ZC - Gibraltar * 2M - EME - (new one)

Thank you Bernd (DF2ZC) for this 2m- EME qso . ZB land is a new one for me.
DF2ZC and DF7FB operated from Gilbraltar (IM76HD) from 20 of April with the TS2000 - 2 X 17 el Tonna and 200w .

Saturday, March 24, 2007

3DA0HL Swaziland * 2M - EME - (new one)

Contacted the 3DA Swaziland dxpedition on 2m EME at 18/03/2007 - 06:56z. Thank you very much dear HAL (ZS6WB) for the new one on 2m.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

DX0JP Spratly island 2m EME (new one)

Many thanks going to all members of the Spratly island dxpedition.A new one for me on 2m via Moon (EME).Other QSO's - 160m (cw) - 80m (ssb) - 30m (rtty)