Thursday, January 28, 2010

MAP65-IQ with Linrad and SDR-IQ

LiveCQ 144 at:
MAP65-IQ at:

Once again the very nice program developed by JOE, K1JT, the MAP65-IQ connected together with LINRAD and the RFspace receiver SDR-IQ, with the Hamtronics 2m Converter, you can see a large portion of the 2m band for EME qso's. Also a nice program developed by Rene, PE1L with the name Livecq 144 you can upload in the web all the stations having CQ or QRZ before the call and no other info.
With the live cq you can check the activity in EME, the propagation, the trafic etc.
Every station calling CQ received by SDR-IQ & MAP65-IQ & Linrad it's uploaded on liveCQ web page.
73, See you off the Moon
SV8CS - Spiros
28 Jan 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

QRSS3 Beacons on 0.505 (DI2AM & OK0EMW)

This evening 27 Jan 2010 with the help of my friend Fotis SV2JL we have set the Spectrum-Lab program and start to receive the QRSS beacons on 0.505 Khz.

I had very good signals on both beacons. OK0EWN gives also the locator (JN88KS).
73, Spiros - SV8CS
27 JAN 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First RXing test on 129.10 DCF39/49

Today 24 Jan 2010 made my 1st attempt to RX on 137 Khz.
There is a very strong station there located in Germany with the call DCF 39 or DCF49.
The DCF QRG's are 129.10 and 139.0 Khz. Transmition mode 200 bps ASCII (8E1) with shift 340 Hz.The DCF has on both QRG's a steady carrier and at about every 10 seconds send a message in FSK mode. The locator of the DCF is at JO52WG near Magdeburg - Germany.
The antenna is a vertical monopole 324m high with EIRP (Effective Isotrope Radiated Power) 40 KW omnidirectional. In the spectran you can see the shift keyer and with Mix-W you can see the text. DCF is a very useful tool to test your antenna - Receiver and to tune filters and preamplifiers for the 137 Khz amateur band.

Here is what you can see with the MIX-W program.
The station DCF39/49 trasmit on 129.1 and 139.0 Khz.

Here are the MIX-W settings to decode the DCF 39/49.Shift 340 HZ with Baud rate 200 and character set at ASCII 8 even parity and Inverted mode.

FT2000 as receiver in USB mode - antenna 300m beverage.

73, de SV8CS - Spiros
Zante Island (KM07JS)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

DI2AM beacon - QRSS

QRSS reception 23 Jan 2010 at 22:13 z
DI2AM beacon signal strength 529 in my Yaesu FT2000 with 300m Beverage antenna on 0.505,20.

SV8CS - Spiros Zante Island KM07JS
23 Jan 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

NEW transatlantic reception on 0.510 Khz

WE2XGR on 0.51155 - Dial at 0.510 USB - (22 JAN 2010)

Spots at WSPRNET database :
WE2XGR/6 + WE2XGR/2 + WE2XGR/3
Last night I had my FT2000, 8 Khz higher than usual. It was at 0.510 insteed of 0.502,40. There was WE2XGR station transmitting as WE2XGR/6 - WE2XGR/2 - WE2XGR/3.
Starting receiving the first signal at 23:30z and finishing 20 min after my sunrise.
WE2XGR/6 best signal -7 at 02:02z distance 7837 Km.
WE2XGR/2 best signal -21 at 01:50z distance 7620 Km.
WE2XGR/3 best signal -28 at 05:22z distance 7483 Km.

SV8CS - Spiros, Zante Island KM07js.
22 JAN 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

500 Khz WSPR - Transatlantic RXing

M0BMU very strong until the daylight local time.
Also reveived G4JNT, PE5T, PA0A etc

WD2XSH/17 again strong this evening at a distance of 7421 Km and also received WD2XSH/10 at a distance 8537 Km. WD2XSH/17 has 10w and WD2XSH/10 has 2w.
SV8CS - Spiros (Loc KM07JS) - Zante Island

Monday, January 11, 2010

USA station on 0.502,4 -WSPR

New stations on my 0.502,40 SWL log.
LA3EQ TXing with 0.1 W and WD2XSH/17 on 0.502,40 TXing with 2.0 W from FN42pb.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

WSPR 2.0 Nice RXing on 600m (0.502.40)

This evening 07 Jan 2010 at 22.0z, I had a very nice reception on 600m band (0.502,40 Khz) using the fantastic WSPR 2.0 program by Joe, K1JT.

With my first attempt I received 3 stations. First was PA3FNY transmitted with 1,0 Watt ,second G4JNT transmitted with 0.2 Watt, and third M0BMU with 2,0 Watts

The WSJT 2.0 uploaded the received stations on 0.502,40 Khz to the WSPRnet database.My receiving conditions are Yaesu FT2000 and antenna 300m long beverage.

In the WSPR database foto you can see all the details and info.

Next days I will improve my reception to this band.

73, Spiros SV8CS