Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NEW KIDS in the ham radio land

SW8NAC, Anna and SW8NAG, Nick ... new hams on Zakynthos Island!

Big day today. Two young kids became Radio Amateurs today 27 Oct 2009. My daughter Anna (12 years old) is now a Radio Amateur with the callsign SW8NAC.
Also the son of my best friend George (SV8RX), Nick (13 years old) became also radio amateur today with the call SW8NAG. I am very glad for this hapening. My daughter Anna (SW8NAC) now is the 3rd radio amateur member in the family. Thomas my son is also Radio amateur (SV8KOS).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

HONOR ROLL dxcc with the K4M cfm in the LoTW

K4M new one and #330 dxcc.

With the qsl confirmation from the DXpedition group on Midway Island (K4M) now I am in the Honor Roll list of DXCC award. Waiting also the FT5GA confirmation and the total dxcc countries going up to 330. The honor Roll is going together with my 11 bands DXCC (inlunding 160 countries confirmed on 6m and 130 countries on 2m band).
I would like to thank Paul N4PN for his excellent operation on 160m from Midway Island and the New one for me also on Top Band.
Midway Museum in San Diego.
During the DXpedition on Midway island a very important and Historic QSO was made on October 16 and 17 - 2009 with K4M (Midway Island) and the ham radio operators at the USS Midway museum, who were transmitting from the Museum's flight deck.

W6OSP, Bruce, at the microphone of K4M for the historic QSOs with the USS Midway Museum.

Congratulation for mice operation!

73 de SV8CS (Zante Western Mountains Club)