Sunday, October 12, 2008

Make More Miles on VHF

Make More Miles on VHF is the best site for the VHFer's - UHFer's and also HFer's. All news about DXpeditions , propagation , databases , QSL info , theory etc etc. This site is a grate tool for active VHF amateurs. Site:

The MMMonVHF VHF-DX-Portal will be maintened by DG2KBC DK3XT DK5EW DK5YA HA5CRX IV3NDC OZ1LPR PA2DW PA3BIY & PA4EME and myself (DL8EBW) and we try always to be as up to date as possible. We have around 1800 reg. pleople subscribed our weekly MMMonVHF- Newsletter. There are lot of usefull VHF-Tools at these VHF-DX-Portal and all your ideas and input is very welcome! The MMMonVHF VHF-DX-Portal will use the information without a need of any need of special software...
For an example of other expeditions, please feel free to have a look right now at MMMonVHF Best wishes and waiting your activity and other VHF-expedition-infos...
73 de Guido "Guy" DL8EBWon behalf of the MMMonVHF-TeamDG2KBC DK3XT DK5EW DK5YA HA5CRX IV3NDC OZ1LPR PA2DW PA3BIY & PA4EME.

Hope to see you on VHF band via EME, Es, M/S and tropo de SV8CS.

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