Saturday, September 21, 2013

SV8CS new 136KHz Grabber

SV8CS LF - 136 KHz Grabber  in KM07JR.

With the help of my friend Stefan, DK7FC now I have installed and running a new LF grabber. The receiver is a Japanese SDR receiver IDC-136-BLT 136KHz.
The antenna is a Mini Whip by PA0RDT made for my grabber by my friend SV3DVO, Manolis.
For the grabber I am using the fine program by DL4YHF (spectrum Lab).

The Grabber location is  KM07JR, at 560m a.s.l. powered by solar panels and bateries.
The antenna is at the top of a plastic water pipe 8,50m above ground and modified by adding a 50 cm external Whip.
The SV8CS LF Grabber has 3 windows:
1) 136.169 to 136.176 KHz European QRSS-60.
2) 137.775 to 137.781 Khz  Transatlantic QRSS-60.
3) Wide 135.00 to 139.00 KHz.

The system also decodes all WSPR-15 transmittions on LF.
In the near future I will add also decodings of OP-8 and OP-32 transmittions.
I am active every evening on QRSS-60 (136.171KHz) and/or Opera-8 & Opera-32.
Last night I capture VO1NA transmitting in Opera-32.
04:18    136 VO1NA de F5WK Op32  -28 dB in JN18HP
04:18    136 VO1NA de G3XDV Op32  -35 dB in Welwyn, IO91VT
04:18    136 VO1NA de W1TAG Op32  -38 dB in Holden, MA
04:18    136 VO1NA de G8HUH Op32  -33 dB in Somerset IO81mg
04:18    136 VO1NA de F6CNI Op32  -35 dB in JN19QB
04:18    136 VO1NA de SV8CS Op32  -39 dB in KM07JR
The distance between SV8CS and VO1NA is  ~5900 KM
73 and see you on LF bands soon.
SV8CS. Spiros