Monday, November 10, 2008

A43DLH - New one 2m EME qso.

Frank, DL8YHR, is the operator of the EME project in OMAN.The callsign used for the 2m EME activity is A43DLH. Frank joined the HF group in OMAN.

Frank, DL8YHR using for the 2m, EME qso's one antenna 18XXX and a BECO amplifier.

Frank most of the time had a very strong signal with his single antenna. Signals where very strong. The pile-up of calling stations where extremely incredible. My qso with A43DLH in 2m is the number 117 DXCC. More info at MMMonVHF web site more info in the DL8YHR web page:

Thank you Frank for this NEW ONE for me.

73 Spiros - SV8CS

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