Tuesday, March 18, 2008

JD1BMP (paper qsl card) for 2m EME qso

JD1BMP - Ogasawara Island - 144 Mhz qso via EME
After the confirmation of my qso with JD1BMP via the LoTW (ARRL) today received also the paper qsl from ISAO - JM1WBB.

Thank you very much ISAO for the qsl and the new one on 2m EME (DXCC and Locator) from Ogasawara island.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

JD1BMP (Ogasawara) - 2M EME New One.

JD1BMP - Ogasawara

Way to the 1st. contact (From JD1BMP web page).

Makoto got to Ogasawara on Feb. 13rd. in first and he installed all of our antennas, Aki special for 160m, full size verticals for 80/40m, 4 x 11 elements Yagies for 2m by himself. I joined to him on Feb. 19th noon with PTT inspectors after 25 hours half seasickness. Inspection was done without any problem in the afternoon but we could not manage any QSO on 2m. We got some bi-directinal signals only with JH0MHE Shiro and JR3REX in a few hours. Bloody hell! We had a phasing problem by incorrect explanation by antenna maker. I came to term with inability to get any station at 1st. day. I went to bed before the European window because I was feel tired. So we lost best window in our expedition. Next morning we fixed the phasing problem and completed beam pattern testing.

JD1BMP antennas
Total was 114 QSOs. DGRD was no good but it was easy to copy many station on Feb. 24th. It was last day for EME operation and no window for NA on Feb. 25th. At 10 degrees we got great our echos but we managed a few contacts only. Last QSO was with DD0VF. We have managed total 119 2m EME QSO with 6 days operations in Ogasawara.
SV8CS - JD1BMP is 1st SV to JD (Ogasawara) 2m EME qso with digital mode.
Thank you Isao for this NEW ONE (for me) 2m EME QSO in JT65b with OGASAWARA and many thanks also for the confirmation of our qso via the LoTW (ARRL).
On line log at DL8EBW - MMonVHF web page :