Thursday, October 25, 2007

1A4A - NEW ONE 2M via M/S

George, (IZ4AKS) and Miky, (IZ4GWE), thank you very much for the new one DXCC in 2m via M/S. Also i like to give my thanks to all the boys there in SMOM and wish you " in boca lupo per il CQWW contest"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VR2KW - New One 2m EME, qso

Thank you dear WONG, VR2KW for the 2m qso via EME.Thank you also for your pacience.
Your best signal : 151800 3 -23 2.9 97 1 # SV8CS VR2KW OL72 OOO.
WONG, using 2x9 elements antennas and 200w and he is in a realy dificult QTH for EME contacts.

In those 2 photos you can see the high buildings around Wong's QTH and the elevation - azimuth windows.

Thank you again WONG and mny EME qso's .

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SV8CS - This is my shack

This is my shack on Zante island (EU-052) in western part of Greece.At my right hand is the YAESU FT-2000. My IC-756 it is not show in the photo because i left it in Morocco (CN3A & 5F3COM) for contesting.My shack is configured for SO2R with the EZ-Master. The Kenwood TS-2000 is used only for 2m and 6m EME contacts.
Antennas are:
Mosley PRO-67C (40-30-20-17-15-12-10m) at 30m high tower.HY-Gain Long John 5 elements monobanders for (20-15-10m) at 27m high tower.HY-GAIN 7 elements (DB-1217) for (10-15m), para sleeve driven element, at 12m high tower, together with 6 elements for 6m antenna by (I0JXX).Full size vertical for 160m (tower 30m with gama match), 2 elements delta loop, bidirectional for 80m and dipoles, INV-V for 40-80-160m.Also 5 beverages for low band RXing.

EME antennas.

FOR 2m and 6m EME and Es.
4X16 elements (10wl), for 2m, by I0JXX and 1X6 elements,for 6m, by I0JXX at 11meters tower, with full AZ and EL. For UHF EME 2X19 elements Tonna and 9 elements cross for 2m (SAT operations) and 35 elements for 23cm at 11m above ground.
Hope to see you in the dx pile-ups or contests or during my DXpeditions. 73, Spiros

Sunday, October 7, 2007

HB0/DK5EW (Liechtenstein) - 2M EME NEW ONE

DK5EW,Erwin and DF9UX, Stefan was at 6 and 7 October 2007 , Expedition to LIECHTENSTEIN at for a 2m digital (JT65b) EME (JN47TC).Equipment was 4x10 el. antennas + IC 7400 + qro (HA1YA) P.A. Erwin, DK5EW thank you very much for the new one on 2m. More info at DL8EBW page, MMMonVHF : .Please look also at :