Friday, June 27, 2008

SU1KM new one 2m M/S qso

SU1KM from KL59MX VHF/6M Expedition to Kairo by SU1KM, EA7KW and DL8YHR.

Today completed a 2m qso via Meteor scatters (M/S) with SU1KM operated by FRANK DL8YHR.

This QSO with SU1KM is a new one for me on 2m and now I have 111 DXCC worked and 107 CFM. For more info about the DXpedition look at :

Thank you Frank

Saturday, June 21, 2008

NEW qsl cards for 2m EME

ET3AA and EA8/G4RGK qsl for 2m EME qso's.

ET3AA and EA8/G4RGK qsl cards.
Recently received 2 new qsl cards for my 2m EME activity.
Now I have 108 countries confirmed for the DXCC.
Thank you Bob (ET3AA) and David (G4RGK) for the 2 New one for me, on 2m.
73 , Spiros -SV8CS

Friday, June 6, 2008

SY8B (Zakynthos island EU-052)

SY8B, DXpedition to Zakynthos island (EU-052) from German radio amateurs, of Berlin D20 radio club.

SY8B (dxpedition to Zakynthos Island)
It was a very big surprise and pleasure to have the visit in my qth and shack from a German radio amateurs group. They planed to operate as SY8B from my island (Zakynthos – EU-052) . The operators are: DL8RO, Uli – DL7WS, Matthias – DL7BW, Bernd – DL7VDC, Dirk – DL7BMG, Marcus and my friend Antony SV1ENG.
The qsl card for SY8B must be send to DL0CON.
I wish you many DX and enjoy the stay on the Island.

Foto in the SV8CS's shack on Zakynthos island.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

JW5E (Svalbard Isl) - New One on 2m EME

Rene, PE1L and Bouke, PA0ZH are qrv from JW5E , Svalbard island, loc.(JQ78) on 2m EME with 2 antennas XP20 - Linear amplifier with 2XGI7B, low noise preamplifier and the Kenwood TS2000.

In the foto are the JW5E antennas.

They stay on Svalbard Island until 9th June 2008.

Many thanks Rene and Bouke for this contact via EME. It is another New One for me , number 110 dxcc on 2m.

73, Spiros SV8CS