Tuesday, July 24, 2012


FOR SALE !!!!!
Sackville shortwave transmission farm of Radio Canada International FOR SALE (last day of operations Oct 31, 2012). In case your planning the new contest location and antennas, here we are !!. You can buy the building, the land, the transmitters and antennas !
There are 7 Thomson 250KW and 2 Harris 100KW sort waves transmitters and running within factory specifications, switched between large curtain array antennas located on 250 acress close to the Atlantic Ocean. By the way we have also in Greece some locations like this by the ex VOA in Serres, Kavalla, Crete etc if you ... interested to buy !
Info from  RADIO WORLD international edition magazine :
Good Luck !
73, Spiros SV8CS

Thursday, July 12, 2012

LDE X Flare In Progress - Sunspot 1520 - July 12, 2012

We have a LDE (long duration event) X flare in progress. Starting at a C4.7 @ 16:11 UTC, The X ray flux peaked at a X1.4 @ 16:52 UTC. .This LDE X flare is from Sunspot 1520. Sunspot region 1520 is directly Earth facing today.
A CME can now be seen on STEREO B. This CME does appear to be earth directed. STEREO A has not updated since 14:24 UTC today.
73 de Spiros- SV8CS

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

6m QSO with W7EW

50Mhz qso with West coast (Salem Oregon) from Zante Island, Greece.
On 29 of June 2012  at 17:54z, I made an impressive QSO with Lew, W7EW from Salem Oregon on 6m (50.091 CW). Lew's signal was loud here at the peak level 539 on my QTH (Zante Island, KM07JS).
Here, I am using a single 7 elements LFA antenna http://www.g0ksc.co.uk/ with my TS-480.
I was on my second QTH  about 7Km West from main QTH, that is at 560m a.s.l.
W7EW has an impressive antenna instalation using also LFA antennas. He has 6 X 7  WOS LFA Yagis http://www.g0ksc.co.uk/ stacked upon a 175' fully rotating tower.
Here is the W7EW's antenna Foto:

And this my antenna for 6m at the second QTH. Station powered by solar panels - wind generator and Bateries :

SV8CS second QTH at 560m a.s.l.
Thank you Lew for this Long distance 6m QSO (not via the moon) and hope to see you again on 6m.
73, and mny DX on 6m band.
Spiros, SV8CS

2m EME QSO with KH7Y

KH7Y confirm QSO 2m EME in JT65B mode
17 June 2012 I had a very nice 2m EME qso with Fred KH7Y in digital mode JT65B (WSJT-K1JT).
FRED, has a single 17 elements antenna without elevation. From my side using 4X16 elements by I0JXX. In the next future Fred will upgrade his system to 4 antennas with AZ and EL. and the EME qso's will be easyer with KH7Y. I would like to thank Fred for his patience to copmlete the QSO with me.
73, see you of the Moon de Spiros, SV8CS