Monday, September 24, 2007

3B7C : A contest like running.!! DXpedition.

A very nice dxpedition. Worked them on all bands where they were active. Unfortunatelly until now they have not operate on 80m RTTY.

My score is 13th position Leading band (world) - 1st position in Greek and 1st position in zone 20.

Thank you for this nice DXpedition.
3B7C home page :

Saturday, September 22, 2007

YK9SV - Dxpedition to SYRIA (01/11/07 - 13/11/07) - AWARD ISL. (AS-186)

A group of members of RAAG organises a DXPEDITION to SYRIA, to AWARD island (AS-186) with the call YK9SV. The operators are: SV1IW - SV1JG - SV1QN - SV1RC - SV1RP - SV1GE - SV1ACK - SV1GYG - SV8CS.
More info :

SV8CS: Honorary invitation in SURINAM (PZ5YV) - January 2008

Recently, Alexis YV5SSB, invited me to join a multinational team DXpedition in Paramaribo SURINAM with the call PZ5YV, coordinated by the 4M5DX group.The event will take place January 2008.Operators are:OH0XX + SV8CS + HK1X + YV5SSB + XE1KK + YV5TX + LU8ADX + YV5KAJ + IT9DAA (qsl mngr).
Thank you ALEX ( YV5SSB)