Sunday, April 13, 2008


Bob, ZL1RS, who is an aid worker with the International Red Cross is now in Ethiopia and has received the permition to use the club station call ET3AA.Bob running only 150w and 2x11 elements (YU7EF) antennas, verticaly polarised.

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This is a copy of my screen regarding our 2m EME (JT65b)qso:
194800 1 -27 4.9 -455 1 # SV8CS ET3AA KJ98 OOO 0 9
195200 2 -27 -460 4 RRR
195400 2 -25 -462 4 73

Bob's secret is that he has installed the L.Amp and the P.S very close to antenna to avoid any losses of signals.Bob is very grateful to the ET3AA Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society for making this activity possible and of course we are all grateful to BOB for his big effort to put in the AIR via EME the ET3AA call.
Spiros, SV8CS

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