Friday, November 16, 2012

NEW digital Mode (JT9-2) by K1JT.

WSJT-X new mode.
Joe K1JT has made a new digital mode for Low bands (MF 470/500 Khz and LF 136 Khz).
This new mode was disigned for use at MF around 472-479 Khz/500 Khz and also for LF 136 Khz. More info can you find here : and

Yesterday I was on 136 Khz (dial usb) monitoring the band on LF and copy very well Stefan DK7FC transmiting in JT9-2 digital mode with this new program WSJT-X by K1JT.
Using Kenwood TS-480 for RX with a QUAD-Loop horizontal antenna with total lenght 230m.
73, Spiros

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