Saturday, November 10, 2012

New antenna for 472-479 Khz

Yesterday 10 Oct 2012 with the help of my friend SV8DOU we finished to install a new antenna in my 2nd QTH (KM07JR) for MF and LF. The experimental antenna is a horizontal QUAD-Loop with overal lenght 230m. The wire run around the property at variable height (from 4m to 10m).
The reception is better now with less static and man made noise. Next days I will try to tune the antenna to 472-479 Khz.
The results are here:
1) QRS beacon from 9H9ES (478.4 Khz CW dial).
2) QRS beacon from SV1AYC (478.7 Khz CW dial).
3) Reception with OPERA prog. OP8 by EA5HVK.
 00:25 477 SM6BHZ de SV8CS Op8 1434 mi -32 dB in ZAKYNTHOS Island
 21:41 477 DK8KW de SV8CS Op8 1816 km -28 dB in ZAKYNTHOS Island

Opera program by EA5HVK for download is here:
Spectrum lab program by DL4YHF is here:
73, Spiros- SV8CS

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