Sunday, November 4, 2012

NEW BAND 472 - 479 Khz in Greece

After the modification made by our PTT regarding the SV, band plan, now we can use the MF band from 472 Khz to 479 Khz as sub-band in secondary use with maximum TX PWR 1W EIRP.
Trying to listen on this portion of the band with big surprise I copyed some strong signals coming from DL, OM and I.
Yesterday 03/11/2012 I had 3 QSO's in cross band using from my side either 80m or 40m.
My QSO X-Band :
1) OM1II   03/11/2012  at 18:50   472,7 Khz qsx  3504 CW.
2) IQ2MI   03/11/2012  at 21:20   501,0 Khz qsx 7052  CW.
3) DK7FC  03/11/2012 at 22:02   472,2 Khz qsx  3568 CW.

I heard also a new SV beacon on 479 ( dial CW) with the call SV1AYC.
The signal coming here in KM07JS (about 300Km from beacon location) is 559 max. with qsb but this beacon in on the same QRG with NDB, non-directional beacon,  VIB (qth Viterbo Italy).
Soon I will be active on both bands 472 Khz and 136 Khz with YUMA transceivers.
For now on 137 Khz I am monitoring for JT9-1 mode signal (WSJT-X).
I have not yet any special antennas for 472 or 137 Khz but I am using by beverages.

I hope to see you on this bands asap.
73, Spiros - SV8CS

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