Monday, November 12, 2007

CN3A - CQWW CW contest plus 6m & 2m EME

Me and Stefano IK2QEI we are going to Morocco at our QTH for the CQWW cw contest. The locator is IM52JJ in a very nice and quiet place at the top of a hill and with very nice take off to USA and EU. We are at about 2 Km from the Atlantic ocean. I will be active on 2m and 6m from moonrise to moonset for 3 days, from 23 to 25 November. The 2m station consists of a 350W linear amplifier offered by Denis SV8RV, a 16 elements (I0JXX) antenna with (14.50 dbd) , same as I had used on Madeira (CT3/SV8CS), a LNA preamplifier and the Yaesu FT-857 . The 6m station consists of a 350w TE systems linear amplifier with preamplifier build-in, the FT-857 and the Icom IC756 as spare and 5 elements (i0JXX) antenna (9dbd). For both set-ups the coaxial cables from the antenna to preamps are not longer than 4 meters. Both antennas have full AZ and EL manually operation. The QRG on 2m is 144.144 CN3A 1st (JT65B) and 144.088 for the JA's. For 6m the QRG is 50.195 CN3A 1st (JT65A).
For 6m skeds (ONLY) please send me an e-mail to until 20 Nov 2007, (for 2m only random operations). We have NOT full 24h internet there but from time to time you can find new infos on ON4KST (2m+6m chat) and at the N0UK (JT65 EME page) mailled, by George SV8RX. Also I will send all updates to DL8EBW (MMMon VHF) page.
I hope to see many of you on my screen from IM52JJ as CN3A.
Accurate computer time will obtained using a Garmin 60CS GPS receiver and GPS Time software.
I will be at home 27 November and hope to contact from 28 to 30, 3XT1 because is a new one for me on 2m EME.
GL to all de SV8CS

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