Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VR2KW - New One 2m EME, qso

Thank you dear WONG, VR2KW for the 2m qso via EME.Thank you also for your pacience.
Your best signal : 151800 3 -23 2.9 97 1 # SV8CS VR2KW OL72 OOO.
WONG, using 2x9 elements antennas and 200w and he is in a realy dificult QTH for EME contacts.

In those 2 photos you can see the high buildings around Wong's QTH and the elevation - azimuth windows.

Thank you again WONG and mny EME qso's .

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Anonymous said...

We are very happy to give you yor 100 dxcc on 2mts!

de 1A4A Team