Friday, November 30, 2007

CN3A 2m and 6m dxpedition from IM52JJ

CN3A dxpedition for this time is over.
IK2QEI was for 48 hours in front of his radios operating Single operator 2 radios CW for CQWW contest. He made about 5600 qso’s. I was operated the 2m and 6m EME rig. Using the 16 elements I0JXX antenna for 2m (5wl) and the 5 elements I0JXX antenna for 6m with the Yaesu FT-857 and in both qrg’s the power was 350w .

TE Systems linear for 6m and Tokyo labs (by SV8RV) for 2m.Made 30 qso’s on 2m and 4 qso’s 6m EME plus some qso’s on 6m via M/S and tropo.It was very very hard this time to work because at our qth (IM52JJ) we had all those days very bad weather (cold, a lot of rain, strong wind and NO electricity for long periods). Every 30 min I was going up to the roof to adjust the antennas for 2 and 6m to following the moon (azimouth and elevation). To go in Morocco and come back at home I used 2 times the ship 4 times airplane and 600 km of high way. So, hope to see you next time with better conditions and better installations for 2 and 6m. First ever qso on 6m EME (JT65A) from Morocco was made with USA , Lance W7GJ ,followed by K6MYC, first with PA , Gerard PE1BTX , first with JA with JN1JFC. Also qso with CT1FFU and CT1HZE 6m via M/S and via tropo with CN8LI. Big help I had from my friend SAAID, CN8WW whom I like to thank very much.

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