Tuesday, July 24, 2012


FOR SALE !!!!!
Sackville shortwave transmission farm of Radio Canada International FOR SALE (last day of operations Oct 31, 2012). In case your planning the new contest location and antennas, here we are !!. You can buy the building, the land, the transmitters and antennas !
There are 7 Thomson 250KW and 2 Harris 100KW sort waves transmitters and running within factory specifications, switched between large curtain array antennas located on 250 acress close to the Atlantic Ocean. By the way we have also in Greece some locations like this by the ex VOA in Serres, Kavalla, Crete etc if you ... interested to buy !
Info from  RADIO WORLD international edition magazine :
Good Luck !
73, Spiros SV8CS

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stiv said...

Exei kai pio konta tetia kaloydia....
Sthn Xanthi tha poylhthei h palia fonh thw amerikhs kai dystyxos tha pane ola stoyw paliatzides!!!!

73 de SV7BVM