Tuesday, July 3, 2012

6m QSO with W7EW

50Mhz qso with West coast (Salem Oregon) from Zante Island, Greece.
On 29 of June 2012  at 17:54z, I made an impressive QSO with Lew, W7EW from Salem Oregon on 6m (50.091 CW). Lew's signal was loud here at the peak level 539 on my QTH (Zante Island, KM07JS).
Here, I am using a single 7 elements LFA antenna http://www.g0ksc.co.uk/ with my TS-480.
I was on my second QTH  about 7Km West from main QTH, that is at 560m a.s.l.
W7EW has an impressive antenna instalation using also LFA antennas. He has 6 X 7  WOS LFA Yagis http://www.g0ksc.co.uk/ stacked upon a 175' fully rotating tower.
Here is the W7EW's antenna Foto:

And this my antenna for 6m at the second QTH. Station powered by solar panels - wind generator and Bateries :

SV8CS second QTH at 560m a.s.l.
Thank you Lew for this Long distance 6m QSO (not via the moon) and hope to see you again on 6m.
73, and mny DX on 6m band.
Spiros, SV8CS

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