Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First SV to G 137KHz QSO

G3XDV - SV8CS LF band qso in QRSS-10 (24-03-2014 at 21:20z)
DXCC number 9.
Last night I had a very nice QSO in QRSS-10 on 137.710 with Mike, G3XDV.
This is the first ever QSO between Greece and United Kingdom.
This is G3XDV's grabber with my signal.
Thank you Mike for the nice qso and new DXCC in LF band.
I hope to have many more qsos we you and other LF enthusiasts.
Here is my signal captured by Mike, G3XDV in full day light (25/03/2014 at 09:36z).
Mode: Opera 32.
09:36 136 SV8CS de G3XDV Op32 2260 km -26 dB F:0% in Welwyn IO91VT with 0.5w + Marconi"T"
Also captured :
2014-03-25 09:36:45 SV8CS   2058km 137539.932Hz  15mHz -37.0dBOp  90% 20.7dB
By YO/4X1RF:
2014-03-25 09:36:45 SV8CS    865km 137539.936Hz   8mHz -34.2dBOp  59% 21.2dB
2014-03-25 09:36:46 SV8CS   1506km 137539.946Hz   9mHz -34.2dBOp 100% 21.9dB.
2014-03-25 09:36:47 SV8CS   1617km 137539.946Hz   8mHz -33.5dBOp  85% 21.7dB.
73, Spiros/SV8CS

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