Saturday, April 25, 2009

70Mhz (4m) M/S qso with EA6SX

Yesterday I made a new QSO with Miguel, EA6SX in 4m band (70.203 Mhz) using reflections to Lyrids meteors in FSK441 mode. For this qso I went to the top of a mountain at 605m a.s.l. to have open take off horizon, to EA6 land.
The weather conditions there, at the top of the mountain on my island, were very bad.

Fotos taken during the qso at 07.00z (24 Apr 2009) at KM07IS.

Foto taken at 15.00z (23 Apr 2009).

We had strong rain, winds and a lot of fog with 9 degr. Celcius.
After 4 diferent tries with Miguel, we had finally good but not too many reflections.
The qso completed after 4 diferent tries (morning at 05.00z and afternnon 15.00z)
I would like to thank Miguel, EA6SX for his patience to stay there and wait for the meteor reflections.
The most important is that all Spain stations today (25 Apr 2009) they have NOT more permition to operate on 4m. Maybe as the URE web writes they will come back again on 4m after 1 month.
We hope.
My working conditions into the car were:
Rig : Yaesu FT857 + Transverter for 4m by HA1YA (30w) + 6 elements DK7ZB antenna.
TNX Miguel de SV8CS.

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