Sunday, January 25, 2009

NEW antennas for 432 Mhz EME

New antennas for 70cm EME.

After finishing to rebuild my 4x16 antennas for 2m EME,
Foto 1: 2m EME set- up. 4X16 elem antennas by I0JXX and LNA preamplifier.

I started to build the UHF set-up in my veranta at 3rd floor of my house. I am using the same type of antennas as in 2m, by I0JXX, The antennas are 4x25 elements Horizontal polarization only, for 432Mhz EME. Each antenna is 5.50m long (7,94 λ), with total gain of 22,46 dbd (without the coax and connectors losses).

Foto 2: The UHF antennas are under the table for the moment.

I lost a lot of time due to bad weather .... we had a lot of rain the last days.
Today I finished the 3 of the 4 antennas . Maybe next days I will complete the 4x25 system and start to try some qso’s on UHF via the moon .

Foto 3: The 3 from the 4 antennas under the dark sky and the rain.

My power is only 100w with the Rfconcepts transistor linear amplifier. This linear has also a preamplifier NOT so good as nf but good for first time to start. I am starting to build a new preamplifier with the ATF-33143, low noise Pseudomorphic HEMT , transistor,
Foto 4: The antennas from the ground.

I am using the ECOFLEX 15 coaxial from antennas to splitter. Each piece of coaxial is 3.90m long. I hope until next weekend to finish the set-up and to start the tests in UHF, EME .
More news to come soon and hope to see you on 70cm via EME.
73, Spiros SV8CS

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