Thursday, April 24, 2008

OZ -Denmark on 6m Es - WSPR mode

Today received for the 1st time signal coming here in KM07JS (Zante Island) on 6m with the new type of modulation invented by K1JT. Whisper (WSPR) "Weak Signal Propagation Reporter" with TX and RX with digital soundcard mode MEPT_JT is a program that permit to TX with extra low power and be decoded on screen.OZ1PIF and OZ1BNN was the 1st two sigals Rxed today with WSPR via Es. I am Txing with 5w on 50293 beaming with 7 elements beam to North.
I hope to see many new calls this coming Es season on 6m. Good DX de SV8CS

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

T61AA- Afganistan - 2m EME NEW ONE

T61AA - Afganistan (QTH:Lashkar Gah- Locator: MM21eo)

T61AA antenna foto from :
I had a very nice 2m QSO via EME with Ross on 144.125 (JT65b) and of course that is also a new one for me in 2 meters! Ross, T61AA, has no elevation and he is working only during his moonrise and moonset with his 9 elements F9FT antenna and P.A. with GS35b.
TNX Ross for new one, de SV8CS.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5F3COM & CN3A logs in LoTW (ARRL)

Morocco contest team IK2QEI - IK2SGC - SV8CS with the special and contest calls CN3A - 5D5A - 5F3COM, now we have uploaded our contest and dx pedition qso's to the LoTW.

CN3A has now in the LoTW 30.898 QSO records, with 8.595 QSL records, included all qso's made via EME in 6m and 2m with digital modes (JT65B-JT65A-FSK441).


For 5F3COM, (special call), there are at about 2.000 QSO's uploaded in the LoTW.

The 5D5A logs are NOT in the LoTW now, but we will upload the qso's with this call very soon. Thank you for the qso's and see you next contest from CN3A.

73, Spiros SV8CS

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Bob, ZL1RS, who is an aid worker with the International Red Cross is now in Ethiopia and has received the permition to use the club station call ET3AA.Bob running only 150w and 2x11 elements (YU7EF) antennas, verticaly polarised.

Look for more info at:

This is a copy of my screen regarding our 2m EME (JT65b)qso:
194800 1 -27 4.9 -455 1 # SV8CS ET3AA KJ98 OOO 0 9
195200 2 -27 -460 4 RRR
195400 2 -25 -462 4 73

Bob's secret is that he has installed the L.Amp and the P.S very close to antenna to avoid any losses of signals.Bob is very grateful to the ET3AA Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society for making this activity possible and of course we are all grateful to BOB for his big effort to put in the AIR via EME the ET3AA call.
Spiros, SV8CS

Sunday, April 6, 2008

DI2PM (Germany) - 70 Mhz qso via M/S

After many- many tries… today after 2,30 hours, me and Hans DI2PM we completed a qso on 4m (70.207 qsx 69.950) via reflections to meteor scatters.

My equipments : Transverter made by HA1YA with power output 25w and a 3 element antenna home made (DK7ZB). The transverter was connected to a Kenwood TS2000. This is my #6 qso on 4m (9A-CT-DL-OZ-S5-SV).
Hope to see you in the next Es opening on 4m.
73 de SV8CS - Spiros - Zante island (KM07JS)