Monday, January 28, 2008

3Y0E (Bouvet isl) & FO/OH1RX (Marquesas Isl) NEW ONE

Thank you very mutch PETRUS for this NEW ONE from Bouvet Island (3Y0E).
Bouvetøya lies at 54º 26′ South, 3º 24′ East and is roughly four miles long by three miles wide, rising to 780m at Olavtoppen. The centre of the island contains the ice-filled crater of an inactive volcano known as the Wilhelm II Plateau. Glaciers cover most of the island.
Bouvet has no ports or harbours, only offshore anchorages, and is therefore difficult to approach. The easiest way to access the island is with a helicopter from a ship.

Thanks also to the Finnish group for this NEW ONE from Marquesas island FO/OH1RX.
The OH Pacific 2008 pedition scope is to activate the Marquesas Islands FO/M for the period of Jan 9 - Jan 22, 2008 by the team of Finnish radio amateurs Jouko Häyrynen OH1RX, PerttiSimovaara OH2PM, Veijo Kontas OH6KN and Juha Hulkko OH8NC. FO/M is no. 54 in the mostwanted list at DX 425 News. However, the activities on low bands have been infrequent, so there the relative position is much higher, especially from Europe and US east coast. The mainfocus for the pedition will be on the low bands with special effort for Europe and East Coast US.

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