Tuesday, November 28, 2006

DXpeditions - Contests

1999 IG9A cqww ssb M/M - 2nd world
2000 SY8A cqww ssb 160m sosb - 1st world.
2001 IG9A cqww ssb M/M - 1st world.
2002 D44TD cqww cw M/S - 2nd world.
2004 CT8T cqww ssb M2 - 3rd world.
2005 CT9L cqww ssb M2 - 1st world

2005 CT3/SV8CS 2m EME
2006 5D5A cqww rtty ?


sv8rx said...

Congratulations Spiros and good luck to your new blog. We are all anxious reading fresh ham radio activities of yopurs in the future, especially to digital modes and EME contacts.

73...see you on the pile ups and contests
de SV8RX (George)

sv8rx said...

By the way how many QSO did you do with 5A7A?