Monday, November 21, 2011

IQ2MI Beacon QRSS 501.36 Khz

The IQ2MI qrss beacon as received here on my QTH (Zakynthos island KM07JS)  date 22/11/2011, with Yaesu FT2000 and 200m long beverage antenna. The IQ2MI beacon is a QRP transmitter with about 0.4 Watt output. The estimated ERP power is at about 0.025 Watt.Beacon send CW ID in QRSS mode flowed by fast CW.The IQ2MI locator is JN45NL and the antenna is a toploaded capacitive 60 meters long with 3 spaced wires and a vertical section of 16 meters.Used the spectrum lab program by DL4YHF
IQ2MI beacon antenna.
IQ2MI beacon location at JN45NL, near Milano (Sezione ARI Milano).
73, de Spiros SV8CS (22/11/2011).